Chelsea Tadeyeske’s Interview with Mr. Nice Guy

In case you missed it — Chelsea Tadeyeske, Bathmatics author, pitymilk editor and all around powerhouse of thinking and writing and doing, did an interview with Milwaukee based podcast “Mr. Nice Guy” in the late spring. Chelsea tells the story of how pitymilk press came to be, about the purpose and practice of poetry in relation to labor and collective struggle, about climate change and her newest book “The Floor of a Cage Floating Above the Floor of a House”, about plants and cats and the word “rad” all while glowing like a beacon about her home town of Milwaukee. The podcast is amassing an impressive compendium of creatives and artists in the Cream City. Its great to see Chelsea featured. We hope for more interviews — Check out more of what she is doing here.

“The Floor of a Cage Floating Above the Floor of a House”

Bathmatics is proud to present a third chapbook by Milwaukee-based poet Chelsea Tadeyeske. “The Floor of a Cage Floating Above the Floor of a House” is a body tightly wound and twisted under the crush of capitalism and catastrophe. This is a text for the times that starts off with an atmospheric reading like taking a temperature before a fever dream.

This book is Bath Classique Quarter Size for utmost mobility. With color photos by edie roberts throughout.

Have it in your hands and head and mouth and otherwise… here.

Tadeyeske’s “Princess Diana”

Bathmatics is excited to officially offer Chelsea Tadeyeske‘s short story collection “Princess Diana” for sale on our website. These stories are a modal shift for Tadeyeske in some ways but still characteristic of her previous work as a poet. The book is pocket sized and ready for continuous consumption. With illustrations and collages by Madison, WI’s Jason Lambeth of Red Pants and Painted Blond Tapes. 

Princess Diana is a collection of short stories gasping from the deep empathic ditch beside the cool expressway of American dismissal. These pieces hurt without trying to, tragic comedies of living and interacting without a map. We are learning how to be by watching others turn away from and erase one another, laughing with ourselves when we can like sugar to help the medicine. With collages and sketches by Jason Lambeth from the folds of snapshot memory – there is humor and warmth here, there is turn and feel, there is a hand held out for the duration – but you are on your own from there.

Listen to the title track here.

get yours here. 


All things at once.

Bathmatics has been a long time in the making. Finally this space is live and you can purchase books online. We were hesitating to do this for a long time… thinking about a new model… but this is the way its going. It sails, hold on if you fancy.

Check out books by Chelsea Tadeyeske and Edie Roberts for now. Titles forthcoming from Aurora Linnea w/ images by Anna Savage and others.

Find Bathmatics quietly sitting with Pitymilk at the st louis small press expo this coming weekend.

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